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06 r6 raven/520 conversion ?

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Hi im a newb here and just barely got an 06 r6 raven. I have a couple of sprocket questions, which you all probably heard numerous times. I know the stock front is a 16 teeth and the rear is 45 teeth. I want to do a 520 conversion but wasn't sure on the setup. I want to do -1 in the front and a +5 in the rear (15/50). Is that a good setup or should I go less in the rear? I see this setup on alot of the pre 06 models, but wasn't sure if it would be good on the newer models. Im looking to get more acceleration and torque for easier wheelies, not to concern about highway speeds. Anybody with an 06 r6 have a similar setup? Please give me your input my ears are open. Thanks!
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50 in the rear seems like a shit load for a 06. seems like your top speed would be like 60 lol. i would think 47 or maybe 48 at most would be perfect.
I would say -1 +3 would be more than enough but I like top end also.
Thanks guys for your input I really appreciate this:hattip . Now its time to order my setup!
-1 +3 is alot you will see a huge difference with that. I would say thats the most youd want to keep it streetable.
I did a 15/47 and love it....I think too much more would be overkill.
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