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I'm thinking of selling the ol R6 and upgrading to a sport touring model for more comfortable longer rides but still sporty enough to have fun.

$4200 OBO

06 R6 Raven 17.4K miles (will go up as I'll ride until sold on nice days)

GPR Stabilizer
Corbin Seats
Puig double hump Windscreen
ASV Black with red adjustment levers
Fender Eliminator
Leo Vince Slip on

The bike was knocked down in a parking lot by another rider who dropped his bike into mine, I've taken pics of the damage and since it was only cosmetic I never fixed it and pocketed the money, oh and bought the GPR Damper :D I've owned the bike since it had 469 miles on it so basically since new and am only the second owner. Title is free and clear as well. It does have pilot power 2's on it with I think less than 5K on them (can't remember when I put them on)

I'm not a gun slingin rider so mostly the bike has seen commuting duties with the occasional twisty's for fun. It is in good shape for the age and mileage but as with anything it does have its blemishes, I've tried to take pics of all those areas.

The chain is original but I don't notice much slop in it but it might need changed depending on your preference. I just changed the oil for the season in March and only use Rotella T6.

I have all original parts as well that the new owner can take if they so desire, if not I'll likely just trash em and stock parts aren't worth much and more of a pain to sell/ship than anything.

Pics at the following link.

R6 - Album on Imgur

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