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06 R6 Passenger Peg Plugs/Covers (Not available in the US)

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So the UK gets all the cool stuff.....

When you remove the passenger pegs from the 06, you are left with a hole in the undertail/tail section. Well, in the UK, they sell plugs to fill the gap....(they actually get them for free when they buy the bike).

So I managed to get the Part Numbers and ordered myself some in Black for my Raven.

Part Number:
2C0-22250-00-P0 (Blue)
2C0-22250-00-P1 (White)
2C0-22250-00-P2 (Black)

Since they dont have the yellow anniversary edition in the UK, and they have the white Euro edition....you'd have to buy white and get them painted.

If anyone is interested, I ordered from:

Flitwick Motorcycles,
Station Road, Flitwick,
Bedfordshire MK45 1JR UK

Talk to Wayne in Parts.

Tel: 011441525712197

They came out to about $58 USD shipped.
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Good find. Bit expensive for peices of plactic.
A bit expensive??? Shyte 30 bucks woulda been overpriced in my book...
Ordered a set and don't need them I chose to you the pass. pegs. with my racefit.
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