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06 clutch and shifter sliders

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clutch and shifter sliders for 06 R6 (not S), made of black derlin and steel. Price- 80 USD/set + shipping (20 USD airmail to USD and Canada). Shipping worldwide.


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Can I buy these please, will pay by paypal and if you could ship to the UK it would be nice. Email or PM please :thumbup
I have bought from Marccc for every one of my bikes. I am very glad to have him here on the board.

PS.....I just bought a Ducati 748R that is almost finished.....Motor is going to be finished next week......Hint, hint...Never know if it could fall over....Probably could use some kind of protection.
Fractureman, PM sent!

Tracker, new bike again??? Congrats! We could figure something out, I've already made some pads for Monster so why not 748:)

By the way, I still have some clutch sliders for R1, would your fellows be interested?


I will check around today for you and PM you..
Would like a set of the sliders for an 06 R6....need your PayPal info.
mfriedl said:
also need pmt info...
I sent you his info.
I will update when the product is recieved but sounds like it is just what the bike needs for it's first race :thumbup
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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