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'05 YZF-R6SC Case Repair:

Has anyone ever attempted or had success with welding repairs to case damage like this while the engine is in the bike?

I know (out of the bike) to disassemble, clean, remove the broken bolt, build up weld areas, machine, drill & tap, and reassemble would be very labor intensive, and probably not worth repairing the caseswhen compared to the cost of installing new or used ones.

Damage to cases does not appear to extend to the mating surfaces of the upper and lower case halves themselves, but to clean, prep, weld, and resurface (?) the damaged areas wih the engine in the bike would be quite challenging, given the obstructing obstacles, and the possibility of distortion from the crash, as well as the possibility of causing damage to internal components (seals, etc.) caused by the heat. This chamber does have to be sealed to contain oil.

A more cost-effective alternative might be to swap the entire motor.

Any ideas and/or suggestions?
What do you think?


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