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05 R6 not running up to par (bogging down in accelaration)

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I have an 05 R6 with BF highmount exhaust, PCIII with micron highmount map. The PCIII has actually made the acceleration smoother BUT:

The bike just doesn't seem to be running right (it didn't either before the PCIII). In first gear, I give it gas and for a few seconds, there is a stifled accelaration and then it opens up, then so forth into second but less dramatic and in the higher gears, acceleration is consistent but there is still some minimal but noticeable bogging.

What are something that I can look at to make my bike run like a champ. Thanks for your input. !!!
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I would check my plugs and coils.
how many miles?
coming up to 4000 miles. It has seen two wrecks. One from previous owner, which was a 12 oclock and dropped back down type of wreck. Then I lowsided at 10mph.
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