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2005 R6
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I picked up and 05 R6. It had been sitting for some years. I sorted out all the fuel issues.

I had a intermittent charging issue. Tested the stator and the regulator rectifier. No issues immediately available no burnt wiring. Then randomly it worked again no further issues.

Then at the end of last year it stoped charging correctly again. I have tested everything again, nothing failed. I swapped in new OEM stator and rectifier because I want to ride. I added a battery monitor to keep an eye of it. With both new parts installed. I sit at 12.8volts at idle. I am at 13.8volts at when running, 13.3volts with the brights on.

So clearly this is not the stator or rectifier. Either a bad wire or loose connection. I have already checked all the plugs while it was running and looking at the multimeter.

So I'm about to disconnect the charging system and unloom and test each wire. Any thing anyone suggests before going down that route?
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