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04 Exhaust options - help me please

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I NEED an exhaust on my 04 R6.
Dont want any power commanders or fueling problems!!

Do I go for the Carbon Akrapovic, Racefit Growler or something else!!
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no contest get an AKRA ! awesome can !! :thumbup
I would ask Phil Seton if this is for the track. If it is for the road then not sure but akra is good but expensive. Worth the money in my opinion :thumbup

I paid £400 for a carbon hi level devil magnum with removable baffle. I honestly think that I'd have got as much out of a £130 scorpion can. If you want my opinion, go for one of the cheaper cans. Scorpions seem like good quality and sound as good as mine, but you'd have a few bob in your pocket for something else like a steering damper etc.

Good point on the damper, hate those shakes when you overtake and just catch the raised white line or cats eye!!
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didn't know there were cats on a race track :lol maybe go for a cheap end can with baffle to save on weight, other than that for the road a stabdard is good enough :thumbup
Whatever it is, make it a hi-level :)
I would say go for an Akra. I've had cheaper brands on other bikes and I really think you do get what you pay for with exhausts.

If you do go with the racefit growler, i'd be interested to hear your views on it as I do like the look of them. Very Rossi/ Edwards M1 looking.

The Akrapovic gets my vote! :thumbup
What colour is your bike?

I went for a high mount carbon micron race can. I looked at the provic but thought the colour was too dark. love my micron, every one hears you coming and moves out the way.:thumbup


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Its 04 red, like in the picture just red mid fairing and black rear seat unit! :thumbup

gotta be the akrpovic. I have an 03 injection same model as yours. had her rolling roaded with jus my titanium akra can, and she came to 104.4. agreed the power isnt anything more than you would expect, but the guy said that all the injection models run very slightly rich from the factory, and that my can leaned it out nicely, infact he said the map now made the fueling mixture near perfect

gotta be the akrapovic son. Do it
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