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'04 Brake Upgrades?

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Other than HH pads and SS lines, what's a good brake upgrade?

I already have those things done and I'm not really impressed with these brakes. The setup was OK on the track but I went for a street ride with a passenger this weekend and it felt like I was trying to stop a loaded freight train. Pads have 1 trackday and 200 street miles on them and the fluid is fresh and fully bled.

What I'm looking for is better feel. I like the brakes that have a softer feeling lever but still stop you. I'm thinking of throwing an RC51 or zx6rr MC on there but I thought I'd ask if anyone else has tried anything that worked well. I'll consider a brembo MC if there's nothing else out there but I'd rather save the $$ if there's another good solution. There's some good stock brake systems out there...better than this one (I'd love to have stock RC51 brake system on this thing)

Thanks for the help!
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