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03 yamaha R6 $5000 black w/red flames

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I need to put this up cause id like to get a house soon
its a 2003 yamaha R6, black with red flames.
pretty much stock, except greg flush mount turnsignals, fender eliminator kit with smaller turnsignals, teather kill switch, 15 tooth (have the stock 16 on it now as i switch back and forth) lowered about 3" (can raise it to stock hieght). 2* ignition advancer (still have stock advancer)
good shape (has a couple of small un-noticalbe scratches) well maintained, 27k miles
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Piqua, Oh
no on the $4500, been getting alot of calls since its in the cycle trader.
still forsale
arnt many good looking bikes forsale for under 6k
this one runs perfect, and i bet i can out run any newer one on the strip.
but if people dont want to pay the $5k for it i will just keep it, maybe they can get some older 99 R6 with a carb.

dont know why people are so worried about miles, everyone totals them before they have a chance to see how far these engines can go, i bet mine could make a 100k, i guess ill probably find out.
Put it on Craig's List too. I sold my 05 for 6500 in 4 days. :2cents
Your bike is more than fairly priced, I don't think you should negotiate at all.

I have the same one, around these parts (northern california) they're going close to $6000 stock still.

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