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I'm getting the last of the parts I have from this past season out of the garage, I need some room for my new bikes coming this weekend. Here goes:

4 complete set of wheels------- 400
Penske triple clicker, just refreshed----------------750
AFAM sprockets- 47,49,51,51,50,15,15-20 per sprocket, I'll throw in a front to the first buyers
stock sprocket
woodcraft case covers ( both sides)-------------150
graves case cover(ignition side) brand new in wrapper---------- 75
crashed sub frame and 2 battery trays--------------------30
coolant overflow bottles-qty 3
bar ends
stock clip ons-3 sets----------------20
left hand control cluster (horn/hibeam) qty 4-------------10
fans-qty 2
passenger pegs-20
passenger peg exhaust side(great race spare, no peg included)qty3-----10
stock rearsets complete-60
stock rearset brake side complete-25
stock rearset shifter side bracket and peg only-20
stock reaset brake side, no brake lever-20
stock seat-30
graves fairing stay(crashed but very good condition)-50
fuel pump-20
master cylinder with spare resevoir-20
stock windscreen-20
puig windscreen-35
triple clamps ( top + bottom and bearings) 30
throttle assembly with kill switch and throttle cables-15
stock fairing stay-75
2 complete sets of air tubes- 10

None of these prices include shipping, I'm up for reasonable offers.
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the following is sold:

graves stay
vortex 47, afam 49,50,51
master cylinder

still have the rest, Deezul, let me know if you want them. I have a local guy that wants all 4 sets.
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