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I have for sale a full set of used race plastics for a 2003 – 2004 Yamaha R6. The set includes the FRONT FENDER, NOSE SECTION, WINDSCREEN, MAIN BODY PANEL, GAS TANK AND TAIL SECTION. Please do not quote me on this but I think they are Hotbodies race plastics. I bought them so long ago I honestly don’t remember. I bought these race fairings about a year ago and never had a chance to get to the track. They have been sitting in my garage taking up space. I am now moving into a new house and need to put my money towards the home instead of a day at the track. They do need a little bit of work, and I apologize if the pictures do not show perfectly what is wrong with them. I have put together a brief list of the damages below. Please let me know if you would like better pictures of anything and I can email them over to you. I am asking $300 for the entire set and am open to hearing your best offer, and prefer a local buyer so I don't have to ship them. I will ship them, however, but at the buyers’ expense:

There is a chip in the paint but not the fiberglass.
All mounting holes are fine.

Few scratches but not broken at all.
All mounting holes are fine.

Right side frame slider hole is broken, this will need some work.
Few other ships to the paint but not to the structural integrity.
Only one mounting hole is affected - it’s located on the left side. The entire hole is almost there so it will only need minimal work to get a solid loop there again.

There is a crack on the front right where the outside of the headlight would be.
All mounting holes are fine.

Few cracks that need a little bit of work.
Only one mounting hole is affected – The front most tab that goes under the seat is broken and will need some work.

Very small dent in the front right and a little road rash to the paint, other than that it is perfectly fine.

***If interested please contact Mike at [email protected]. Thank you!***


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