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02 YZF 600R

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Hey there. Not sure if this would be the right section (or even the right forum) but just thought I'd try...

A co-worker of mine has an '02 YZF 600R. He tells me that two weeks ago, he washed the bike using a water hose (ugh!! :( ) and then let it sit for those two weeks. When he started it today, he says it was idling kinda rough. He put the choke up and let it warm up for a few minutes. As soon as he puts the choke down, it clunks out. I went down and looked at it. I adjusted the idler and it will rev at about 3 or 4k when the choke is down (which I know is too high) As soon as I readjust it to lower it, it once again, goes below 500rpms then clunks out.

Any suggestions? I'm almost certain the water must have gotten in somewhere and settled but where? (i.e. plugs, carbs, a sensor of some sort) He said he used the "gentle shower" setting so I would assume that would be the equivalant of riding in the rain.

Any insite would be appreciated.

(See? This is why I use Simple Green, Zano and even WD40 to clean my R6!!! Water never touches the bike!!)
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Turtlesplatter said:
... He put the choke up and let it warm up for a few minutes. As soon as he puts the choke down, it clunks out....
My bike doesn't have carbs but my friend's does and I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to have the choke up for minutes. The longest I've seen is like 15 seconds.
It wasn't the fact that he washed it with a hose, it's the fact that he let it sit for that long, and probably didn't dry it out. I've washed my bike with a hose dozens of times, no problems.

Anyway, I'd have him check the plugs. The plug wires on the YZF don't seal up all that well, and if water was allowed to sit in there it might cause a problem.
Water most certainly got inside the exhaust pipe. If you friend takes his exhaust apart and drains the water it will run like it never happened. I speak from personal experience . Also, they make these things called bung plugs to plug up your exhaust while washing your bike just so this type of thing doesn't occur.
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