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Greetings and thanks for the ad!

I purchased an '02 R6 from a buddy who was the original owner with 11,000 miles. Love her! The PO had it garaged for too long and prior to my purchase, he had to have the carbs rebuilt just so it would start. No previous problems. He briefly rode the bike and then sold it to me.

After probably 20 minutes of riding, I am getting the TPS error code via Tach bobbing between 0, 3000 and current rpm. No performance difference but I believe the idle becomes higher at a stop when I am in error mode. I can stop, turn the bike off, restart and the error code clears immediately until another 20 minute continuous ride and then the code pops up again (0, 3000, current rpms).

Is the TPS bad? Seems like if there was a consistent problem, the error would be on all the time. Simply turning it off resets it. I have even disconnected the battery in hopes the computer would reset-no luck.

Any help is appreciated!
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