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I had problems with gears, surprise surprise..
Well I ordered new set of gears for drive axle, the tension spring for shift shaft and the necessary gaskets.
Just today got the engine back into the bike, connected hoses, electrics and the rest of millions of bits and pieces..lifted the fuel tank and was ready to start. At first attempt, nothing when I pushed start button. Noticed that the neutral light wasn't working, oh hell, I forgot to plug the neutral light's connector :D
Second attempt, engine started fine, no problems. Then started to test the gears, pulled the clutch lever and just when I selected 1st gear the engine kills...wohoo. I thought that maybe the clutch isn't just releasing, adjusted little bit the clutch. After that the same problem...now no inspiration to do any more checking.. When I tested gears without engine running, gears worked just fine... Maybe I'll continue searching fault on some evening..
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