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General Information

this was my first R6 been on it about a year before some twat tried to kill me, well he failed but im built like metal mickey now.
crash happened last september my injuries were.
broken left ankle.
nerve damage to right thigh.
broken pelvis.
3 broken ribs.
internal bleeding.
puncture wound to the left bicep.(roof rack!!).
broken right ulna and radius.(both screwed & plated).
broken elbow ( four peices now screwed together).
shatered right humerus now plated and screwed. (took 7 hours in OR to repair this one bone)
radial nerve palsy which took 8 months to regain use of my right hand.
severe concussion which led to amnisia.
got back on another r6 02 in june and have just been knocked of that one to in september and shattered me ankle and talus so more metal mickey for me ( cast comes of in december :-(()..

but after all this ill still get back on me bike and ive just purchased a track fairing for it . :)).



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