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General Information

R6 (Raven)
Just bought her on May 3rd, 2006. She's less than 6 months old with less than 2400 miles. :)

Came with the following mods:

- Yoshimura CF exhaust
- Black tankpad
- Fender eliminator
- Flush mount front turn signals
- EFI power insert
- Monogrammed R6 bar ends

Mods I've purchased/added:

- Kryptonite EV Disc Lock :)
- TW-400 Motorcycle Voice 2-way Pager Alarm
- Extended long sleeved cable lock
- Highbimmin.com Ultimate Headlight Conversion
- Highbimmin.com low beam 6000K HIDs in low beams
- Highbimmin.com white angel eyes with black ring housings
- CF cut frame sliders
- CF gas cover overlay
- Puig dark smoke windscreen
- Black mini sport mirrors


- Alpinestars Black Spinner Jacket
- Alpinestars Black Alloy Gloves
- Sidi Way Tepor Riding Boots
- Shoei TZ-1 Glossy Black Helmet
- Alpinestars S-MX 6 Black Textile/Leather Gloves
- Shoei Dark Smoke Visor for Helmet
- Shoei TZ-1 Spiderweb Black/Silver Helmet
- Shoei Silver Mirror Smoke Visor
- Arai Signet GT-R Black/Silver Helmet
- Arai Dark Smoke Visor

(updated 11/02/06)

New updates! Currently has ~7200 miles.

- New smoked taillights with integrated turn signals
- Arai Profile Sinister Helmet (black on red) with dark visor
- Alpinestars Black Leather Track Pants
- Black Mohawk for helmet :p
- New rear tail
- Removed stickers



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