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Originally Posted by R6AJ

Orly=Oh really

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Originally Posted by 06rsixrvn
put it in the butt

- Jon
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FTL = for the loss
FTW = for the win

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GAF meter, or GAFER Give A Fuck meter. How much you give a fuck, eh?
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1337=Leet=Super Cool Gamer Words
What is leet speak you might ask.

· Sux0rz, Rox0rz, and Variations

No Capitalization. First and foremost, these words should never be capitalized, like above. It looks stupid, and, well, it just shouldn't be done.

Only One Zero. "rox0rz" cannot be replicated as "r0x0rz." That looks stupid. You will look stupid, in turn.

Any other words may not use this format, period. The only proper words that may use this format are: sux0rz, rox0rz, sex0rz. As far as I know, no other usages are acceptable. You may not append '0rz' to any other words. Angie said, "sox0rz," and that is not acceptable.

Z and S may be used, or not at all. It is not required to use the words rox0r, sux0r, and sex0r plurally. If you must, you may use a Z or a S. It does not matter. Z's may be used to sound more leet.

Pronunciation. You should never use these words in reality. But, if so, they should be pronounced as: sux·zorz, rock·zorz, and sex·zorz.

Proper Usage. These words can, and should, be used only in simple sentences, or on their own. Examples: "sux0rz for you, man." "mad sex0rz last night!" and "you rox0r."

uNFZ, Fap, and Variations


Unfz is the sound you make when you're humping someone, something, or your hand. Realize this. Unfz may be used in several forms. Examples: uNFZ, UNFz... Oh, that's it. Nothing else is proper. Unfz is always plural, and always with a Z. Any variations should be shunned. If you use variations, you will not be leet.

Unfz should always be used in repetition. Examples: "uNFZ uNFZ uNFZ YEAH SWEET!!!" and simply "UNFz UNFz UNFz" It is suggested that you do not repeat it more than three times unless the desired effect if annoyance.


Fap is the sound you make when you masturbate. (Men only, Women jokingly). Realize this. Fap is only proper when used in a line of repeated faps.

Example: "OH MAN! THAT CHICK IS HOT! *fap fap fap*" Or, when mocking someone, "*fap fap fap*" Generally, this should not be used, except by guys, around guys.

· w00t, j00, and Other Words with Zeros.


W00t is a happy word. Much akin to Homer Simpson's classic "Woohoo!" W00t may be used only as w00t. No capitalization. Mostly all the words on here must not use capitalization. Make a note of this. W00t should not be used in repetition. W00t is a single word to be used singularly, or along with a short sentence. It can be repeated if you've got five head shots in a row with an AK from across the map in Counter-Strike.


J00 is considered archaic in many ways now. Used way back before Half-Life ever came out, j00 has gone the way of the dinosaurs. J00 was formally used in phrases as "1 0wNz j00, bitch!" And others. It probably should not be used today, but it can be. Use sparingly. The J must be lowercase, also, like many of the words here.

· Teh, Evar, and Nuked

teh and evar.

Teh is a mistyping of The. It should be used accompanied by Evar. The combination of these two words results in an implied level of stupidity beyond that which any human being possesses. In may be used capitalized, or non. It does not matter. Most often you will find it used in full capitals.

Evar is the mistyping of Ever. It should be used accompanied by Teh. Read the above statement. Proper usage of Evar and Teh should result in a phrase such as: "DNF IS TEH BEST GAME EVAR!" Generally these words should not be used otherwise.

A long time ago, people felt motivated to always type the word "the" as "teh". Do not feel this way, unless you are thirteen, at which point, do so, so we all know how old you really are. No, really, go ahead.


Nuked is not used properly anywhere but at shockware. I will not explain it's usage here, for fear other people will use it elsewhere, where it has no meaning. NUKED is not the proper format for NUKED. Browse Shacknews to learn.

Or you can click here.
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Does A* = Alpinestars?
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^ yes


all the same thing
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FTMFW For the Mo-fawkin win
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PBR=pabst blue ribbon

and i was sure IMHO that the h was humble until i read this thread. can we get a final ruling on this one?
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