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Engine shuts off while riding

This just happened recently.. today was the second time in 2 weeks.

When I'm riding.. usually soon after I warm up my bike 130 degrees... I'll be riding for like 20 seconds.. then the engine just turns off.. and I cannot gas it anymore. The lights are still on.. except for the motor. I then stop by the side of the rode... turn off the kill switch.. then turn it back on.. then i press the engine start up button.. then it works again.

Do any of yous know what the problem is?

I have an 03 r6 by the way.. and I have about 9000 miles on it.

p.s. I recently had it taken in to change the rear tire.
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check wiring

check for loose/damaged wiring. When it dies, do you have to turn kill switch on then back off, or can you just push the ignition switch again without having to touch the kill switch?
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re: Engine shuts off while riding

Had the same problem with my 03 after about 5000 miles.
The bike would start cutting out after about 30 mins of riding.
Pretty scary when ur mid way through a corner and you've got no power! I'd stop the bike , turn it off for 10 secs and it'd be fine after that. My Yamy dealer had no idea what the problem was. The problem recurred for a few weeks after and then the bike was fine. Hasn't happened since. ??
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Re: re: Engine shuts off while riding

Mine did this a few times as well... it wouldn't die while I was on the gas but when I would go up the likes of Palomar mountain outside of San Diego (go form about 1,500ft to 5,000 ft elevation in about 15 minutes) on a hard run then I would get to the top and pullup to the stop sign and release the throttle the RPM's would just drop to off.... I am currently getting my ignition coils replaced... I wonder if this has anythign to do with this problem.. [img]www.click-smilie.de/samml...w.gif[/img]
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re:Engine shuts off while riding

my girlfriend has 03R6 also.

shes had it for maybe 9 months, and i think this has happened to her a total of maybe 8 or 10 times?

she will be riding and the bike will just shut off.
its happened at different stages of riding too.
while shes slowing down to come to a stop, while shifting, and while she cruising at 40mph.
thank god nothings happened to her yet.

took it into yamaha dealership and they didnt know what the problem was. all they did was ride it around and said nothings wrong with it.

seems like this is a common problem with the 03's?

if anyone finds solution to his problem, please post.

ride safe!
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low idle

i also noticed that when im at a stoplight with the
03R6, the idle is really low. it feels like the bike is gonna die.
anyone else have this problem too?
maybe im just not used to it.
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ignition coils perhaps?

I am really wondering if this is all related to that ignition coil problem... and this is just early symptoms
post #8 of 294 (permalink) Old 12-11-2003, 05:15 PM
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first year fuel injection.... whatcha expect?
post #9 of 294 (permalink) Old 03-15-2004, 08:48 PM
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Re: hmmmmmm

Mine does this too...

And I've even just had the new coils put in, and now instead of just occaisonally dying when being hard on the gas, it dies any damn time it pleases. Going fast, going slow, accelerating, on the brakes, holding a constant speed, it doesn't matter, it will die.

In fact, I just got the bike back from the shop with the new '04 coils, and was riding around yesterday, and it died at least 20 to 25 times while I tried to get the bike home. I didn't think I was going to make it, but just as quickly as the problem started, it went away, and let me ride the last 5 miles with out dying once, whereas when it was acting up, would kill itself about once a block.

I'll be going through the electrical myself looking for loose connectors and such, but if any one has another idea, let me know. I'll likely be taking it back to the shop soon if I can't figure it out quickly.

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Re: hmmmmmm

My friends bike used to do it. He has a TL1000s and it was the kill switch.
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