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Originally Posted by lars View Post
awesome. i will start w/ the lines then. thanks a ton for the info! saves me a lot of time and money guessing.

do you have any bleeding suggestions/tips? ive bled car brakes plenty of times but never brakes on a bike.

and i was trying to do some searching online but can you please explain the difference between a radial master cylinder and the master cylinder (not sure what the name is for that type) that came on the older R6. i know that the forks are inverted and the newer ones have radial mounted brakes but didnt know what a radial master cylinder was exactly.

thanks again for the help!
It's a gravity bleed and pretty staright forward, just watch for bubbles in the resevoir and from the bleeder line (clear tube you attach to the bleeder screw) .. Also, depending on what lines you use it sometimes helps to take one calliper off that would come before the bridge line and put it lower then the primary line (but you probably won't encounter that with most steel lines you buy becuase they would have and independent line for each calliper connected at the master) ..
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