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Strange things happening to my Chain

So I'm finally ready to take my bike out of the garage since the temperature is below 100 (still above 90 though ) and as I take it out on my test run after changing all the fluids I notice this fast fluctuation in RPM's, about 250, that really gets noticeable above 10k.

I need a new chain so I go to check it, make sure it's nice and lubed and to the proper tension. Here comes my problem and I think the cause of my crazy fluctuations, half my chain is loose and the other side is tight, normally I wouldn't think twice about this... it's always been a little like that, but now it's like one side the tension will be around 20mm and the other around 55mm.

Any ideas?? I've never let my bike sit for this long but the summers here in AZ are unbearable, did I do something wrong?

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