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If you're thinking of buying, then research insurance first

I'm so tired of hearing about people buying the R6 as their first bike and not doing any reasearch at all on insurance costs. Then to make it worse, they decided that they don't need full coverage insurance on their newly financed sportbike. Aside from the risk to life and limb that we all experience on a day to day basis riding these things, this is just a dumb idea due simply to the fact that eventually it will get wrecked or stolen. It's like screwing without a condom; you may not get herpes this time, but sooner or later.....

It's a fucked up world that we ride in, so do yourself a favor: if you're thinking of buying a new bike (especially if you're a newbie), get yourself full coverage. If some dumbass, cellphone weilding soccer mom doesn't hit you with her Lincoln Navigator, you can bet some jobless fuck is waiting to snatch your baby while you sleep (that chain you have wrapped around it won't stop them).
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