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The Welcome Center

Welcome to the R6Messagenet. New to the board and have questions? Post here.
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Power Commander Maps (PCIII)

Registered members can share or download custom Power Commander Maps - Guests can not view the maps here. Please register to view and share maps!
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R6MessageNet Bike of the Month Contest

Tell us about your R6 and it could be voted the R6MessageNet Bike of the Month!
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R6 MessageNet News

News from Motorcycle.com
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R6 General

Talk about general R6 topics.
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R6 How-To Guides

This section is for COMPLETED R6 How-To's, Please do NOT ask questions.
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R6 Maintenance & Technical

Post all your maintenance and technical questions or tips here.
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R6 Modifications

Talk about Exhaust, Windscreens, BodyWork, and other R6 modifications.
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Oil and Lubrication

Have questions about oil and lube? Find answers here!
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R6 Warranty and PreMature Failure

Discuss any warranty issues or failure of parts.
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Sportbike Operation

Safety Equipment

Discuss leathers, helmets, boots, gloves
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Riding Tips

Basic to Advanced riding tips and questions
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Stunters Corner

Wheelies, stoppies, general stunts.
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"I Crashed!" Stories and Tips on How-To or How NOT To Bin it.
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Speeding Tickets and Street Racing

Talk about street racing and speeding tickets.
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Racing News

Motorcycle Road Racing News Beware of Spoilers
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AMA, MotoGP, WSBK and Other Pro Racing

Discussions about professional motorcycle racing.
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AMA, MotoGP, WSBK Videos

Videos of professional motorcycle racing.
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Track day riders and Pro/Am racers

Dicussion and questions about Track Days, Racing, Drag Strip
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No Mans Land

A Women Only Forum; Only the women of the R6MN can view this forum.
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General Motorcycle Talk

Post any Non-R6 motorcycle topics here. This includes pictures and videos.
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Member Photos and Videos

Post pictures or videos of your bike, car, pets. Must be your pictures or videos. No pron please!
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Contests, Raffles, & Giveaways

Win prizes by entering in our contests, raffles, & Giveaways
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Product Testing and Review

Reviews for motorcycle related products.
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The Marketplace

Bikes For Sale

Place your ad here if you’re selling your R6 or other motorcycle.
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R6MN.com Authorized Dealers

For our Dealers to inform us of their inventory.
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Parts For Sale

New and Used, OEM and Aftermarket Parts, for the R6 and other Motorcycles.
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Gear and Other Items For Sale

Helmets, gloves, leathers, etc. and any non-motorcycle related ads.
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Want to Buy

Looking for a part to put your bike back together? In search of a deal on used leathers? Post your wants here!
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Buyer/Seller Feedback

Leave feedback for good or bad experiences in buying or selling transactions with other board members.
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eBay Auction Links Section

Post up your eBay auction links in this section. This Forum is for all members.
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Platinum Vendor Area

Riders Discount

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Vendors This section is for vendors that help support our website. If you are interested in becoming a supporting vendor, please email [email protected]

Group Buys & Sponsored Sales

Sponsored group buys only!
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Vendor Deals

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Bike repairs, mods & service MOTORCYCLEiD.com
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Regional Forums

USA Military Personnel

Gathering place for R6 owners serving in the Military.
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USA - North East

New York, New Jersey, New Hampsire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Maine
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USA - South East

Virginia, District of Columbia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida
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USA - North Central

Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois , Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa
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USA - South Central

Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama
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USA - North West

Washington, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming
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USA - South West

Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico
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USA - California

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USA - Alaska and Hawaii

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East Canada

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West Canada

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United Kingdom

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Australia and New Zealand

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Europe and Asia

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Messagenet Maintenance

Verticalscope Forum Support/Help r6messagenet.com

Questions about forum functionality or suggestions for improvement. Need help finding what you're looking for? Let us know here!
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Board Comments and Suggestions

Help with the board, comments, suggestions, post 'um here!
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The Sponsors Corner

R6MN Sponsors and Administrators only!
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