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For those of you that use firefox, there's a nifty little plugin you might want to check out - Adblock Plus. I use it to block ads on sites that clutter up the page and make forums load slower. I'm pretty sure it'll work on most sights and will help those of you that post from work avoid seeing NSFW ads on otherwise SFW pages.

I think it'll even get rid of the ads on the r6mn if you turn it on. Just an FYI for you guys.

IE7 does it too

Originally Posted by Jumperalex View Post
Do this to populate your adblock plus list of sites:

Go here
and choose any one of them. I prefer, EasyList + Easy Elements and it does a GREAT job. Be sure to set ABP to auto update the subscriptions and you'll be set.

It is much faster and easier than doing it manual and as you'll see will work better. One of the problems (but it is still useful) with manually adding a block is that you might not actually block enough of the domain (unless you know what you're doing) to prevent ads from coming back as the ads rotate. Consider that advertisers know we do this and ARE trying to combat it by using as many varied urls as possible so they can rotate through them to get eyeballs before their ads are blocked.

What you will find interesting is that sometimes you'll turn ads back ON because you're looking for a vendor or something and ads can be a great way to find that out ... IN-JEAN-IOUS

Oh yeah and why is FF better? It is WAY more flexible because of extensions and provides way more control to you, the user. Give it a try. It might take a bit to get used to and to find the extensions you need to make FF indespesible to you, but it will happen. For me, here on a computer that has to use IE, I can't STAND not being able to "type to find" in a web page (don't need to open a find dialoge box) or not being able to highlight something, right click and search. Just little things. I hate how IE insists on changing tabs "for me" after a page loads despite the fact that *I* inentionally activated another tab to read while the other one was loading.

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i have been using this plugin.. works great for myspace to

gone to r 6 c e n t r a l . c o m
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I don't think Rob would like that...
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all i use is firefox. I will give it a shot.
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word dude, good lookin out
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Originally Posted by Gouki
I don't think Rob would like that...
No, probably not. I'm gonna go download it now...

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Originally Posted by JIMBO109728
^seriously, that post made less sense than Talon getting married

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Is firefox really that much better than IE? I have been using IE since the beginning of time and dont see any reason to switch. what are my benefits? I like the pop up blocking IE has.

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Originally Posted by VoRt3Xr6
Is firefox really that much better than IE?

Where do you think IE got tabbed browsing from? Plus, you get the added bonus of not supporting the evil empire that is Microsoft.....

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Cool! This shit works pretty damned good!

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Originally Posted by The_Wood
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