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Bip's guide to the watercooler

There's quite a bit of backstory to the watercooler. We need to bring everyone up to speed on the watercooler.

First question that gets asked is, "why do we hang out in here so much on a motorcycle forum?" This section of the board is like "google answers for some really screwed-up shit". Things you need to know the answer to, and fast, and not motorcycle related, go here. Things like, "Help, I have a date tonight, and I forgot her name." or "Tips on cougar dating."

Second question that gets asked is, "why did this make the guide". Basically if I see something that gets brought-up a lot in conversations on here, I post it to the guide. It's like an inside-joke killer of sorts. Either that, or someone asked me to add it to the guide. I'm pretty lenient on what I think is good. So long as it's good natured, and beneficial for everyone to know. While not outright prohibited, I tend to frown on adding closed-threads, bicker sessions, etc....not that I've ever been asked to do so, either.

Required reading threads:

The definitive ColonBlow thread In fact, a search for threads with the word 'colon' are all pretty quality.

The coffee thrown at me thread.

OMG I piitb and she won't quit crying!

Jdoggg1 has wayyyy too much time on his hands.

im stuck

I just peed on the Vice President

Walked in on me whatcking it!

Is anyone else scraping there exhaust?

Worst-sex ever thread (this is in the quagmire for the time being, for some reason. it might have been NSFW at some point, but it definitely isn't now)

Missing: "Throw that POS UP!" by Ken1_4u -> basically a SCOOTER6-esque story about "THROW THAT POS UP!" involving a goldwing. Maybe ken could do some rendition of it.

R6MN Political affiliations This is who you might be able to count on your side in a debate. Long as you sheep-in with what's considered left or right.

Transamman1999 does us proud in being cougar-prey
...only to get our hopes-up for a wicked second date and falls flat

Member's photoshop post. There are some AWESOME ones of me in there.

Threads of reference
Sometimes these threads get referenced in conversation. Basically if they get talked-about, but not the comedy gold of "required reading", they go here.

The 10-things thread

What's up with the glasses...
Our buddy 11secfox did an avatar of everything in black-and-white but glasses. Then gouki showed-up with them. Then...everyone. It was like an upononezack sort of thing, but we're pretty sure 11secfox isn't someone's ex-girlfriend pretending to be a guy.
The avatars so far (8-29-07)

The makeup board...invasion


There's probably a few others.

We have some fantastic member backstory threads. Definitely some of our better and not-so-better times.
One thing to know is that if you post-up about yourself, we will remember it.

Originally Posted by The story of phatbabiigrl, elusive, and UpOnOneZack
The short story involving three cast members: Elusive, phatbabiigrl, and UpOnOneZack.
Elusive and phatbabiigrl, at some point were friendly with eachother. Phatbabigrl snaps, and creates a false persona called UpOnOneZack to stir-up crap on the message board. Homoerotic myspace page and everything (hence the "put a shirt on"). People catch on, and the gig is found-out. I'd have more backstory, but basically a crapton of it took place on IM, more than it did on the board, so your best bet with any questions is to ask Elusive, because phatbabiigrl committed an act of gross douchebaggery in doing this, and I believe has been permabanned. Basically, this fictional character, I think, ....ahhh...frick. There is no 'thinking' involved. I just sprained my medulla oblongata trying to figure this out.

The sign-off thread. Boo frickin' hoo.

Basically a search with "UpOnOneZack" yields mounds of, "yeah...this is someone with a penis....right."

Dead giveaway for having a vagina.
One of my all-time favorite threads, shorty's avatar photoshopped from Zack's picture. Way funny when we thought there was possibility zack was real.
The gig is up

I thought it was really unfair to post this, and not have myself lampooned or illustrated in any way.

Quag-link, NSFW
...and Cletus goes to work. These are NOT to make it out of the quag, because it's fark-worthy.

For the record, I'm not big into world-of-warcraft, but they did make an episode of southpark around me.

I don't want to say there's 'nothing special' about this guy, but I cannot for the life of me, think of ONE thing
that's made this guy famous on the MN. So, I'm left to kind of put down what he's famous for. I wrote a little
gregorian monk chant.

"oohhhaoohahhaaoahaa Aaaaaaay effffffffff ceeeeeeee.
consumes the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeer....
yeaaaa oh quantities of beeeeeeeeer.
known to game and has cats named after the boaarrrrrrd.
Is the 'm in' foa-oh-oh-meeeeeee
Is supposed to be old but is only foh-oh-oh-r-teeeee
Founder rush fan cluhhhhhhb."

cats ->
Lost Macenzie brother? ->
Pimpin' them hoes, like socks with sandals style ->
I put ketchup on my ketchup ->
I don't think he likes rush 'too much' ->
He actually plays grand prix legends ->
( all the gran turismo/Forza 2 you want, nothing I've found is as hardcore as grand prix legends)

Her name abbreviates down to "FoaM". The 'M' in her name is actually AFC. I'm having a bugger of a time finding her
innaugural post. Anyway, albinohickey's wife was in Ottowa, I believe, and she wanted to help out, hence the posting.
I don't want to say the word 'groupie' of the board, but she knows quite a few of us from the board really well:
*Went to nautiluscont's wedding.
*Romantically linked at one point to Ag|CN
*Been to a club wood event.
*Has secrets on Bippi that could put him away for a while, I think. She's Canadian, so who would trust her?
(Foam, I apologize, but I cannot find the links appropriately. Everyone will have to take my word for it.)

There is a theory that yes, he is a robot, and yes, very afraid of spiders. I think this is another one that's so old I can't find some good
supporting postings to back this up.

Originally Posted by light 3 PM to the bipster
actually the nickname "bot" was given to me during that whole chuck norris roundhouse kick everyone's ass faze when i came up with some of my own. they didn't make much sense (as i still don't), but people thought they were funny as hell. they said, "i was like a robot just spitting out words and putting them together in sentences." it stuck with me till now. i think it's hilarious.

the spider thing, i don't like spiders, but i make it seem worse on the forum. it's all good. some fun times on here.

so, there's the scoop on the bot and where everything originated from. have a good day and remember me when you see chuck norris or a spider and just give a chuckle. i'll hear it cuz i'm probably watching you.
The squirrels ->
I believe she even has some youtube videos of the squirrels and if you listen for it, a killer southern accent (swoon), in action.
Tinkerbelle ->
This is one of the most definitive bikes on the messagenet.

There are a few threads worthy of linking, but few of needed-backstory...except the mad-love for the MR2.

Long story short, there was this asian kid whose dad had an R6. His dad didn't care to ride it anymore, so he started riding it. One of the few times I've ever heard of a kid (like 15-16) being able to street-ride for a while without screwing it up (see: krakrazor, hehe). His dad later got a 350z, on order, when they came out in '03, I believe. Hence the 'VQ' in his name, and his eventual departure for other messageboards. He was also known for posting up HUGE pictures that would annihilate anyone with a modem. I would post more, but most of his celebrity comes from the ezboard days.
Then he shows up later... I don't really know how this turns out.

Basically, there was a track day. He was working on his bike with it running, and lost the end of his thumb. Hence the, "I'd hit it 1 3/4 times" The loss. The recovery.

I think it's only fair to add him in here, right after wessinger. Lose a finger, get posted in the watercooler.
Loses the end of the index finger, also cleaning the chain. *NSFW* gore

Basically, there was something like 20,000 posts from this guy deleted... he explains.

OICDN OICDN 1 OICDN 2 Staples and glue. OICDN kisses a guy.
An update about what could only be oicdn...
Missing: Necklace thread where he buys a diamond necklace to pick-up on a chick he doesn't even know.
And supposedly, this was his car. He said it was, anyway.

(I've attached it just in case it 'disappears'.)

I hate to post this up as something to laugh at the guy, but there was also a bit of messagenet brotherhood going on here as well, if you read.
Reunin's story.

One heck of an accident, and we've all rallied around him since...
The crash
The long road back

I tried finding good information on this kid, but most of it is on the ezboard under the same name. Basically, long story short, decent kid who wanted to get into motorcycling. Took our advice and started on an EX250, and crashed that sucker like 4 times in 3 months. Not that we wish it on anyone, but the fact that we can laugh at it says nothing serious happened. I don't see him around on the board much anymore, and if anyone can find me a definitive krakrazor post, let me know.

I hate to explain someone's behavior, because there's almost always a bias, and I don't want to cause that. I'll just say this:
"We think he's serious, but we aren't entirely sure..." If you find out, do let me know. I do have it on several good authorities that this guy, is in fact, real.
Classic sunofwolf post
I couldn't really find anything that really sums him up, but this post is probably about as good anything. Do a search on threads he's started for more.
Another fantastic chestnut of advice from the sun. "There is no speed limit on ice."

This explains...some.

The story of his skidmark avatar. I'm sorry man, I laughed so hard I cried over that.

I couldn't really find a good "Definitive HooliganR6 thread" other than this, and this. One of the things is that, as webmaster, you have to stay a non-biased overlord. Here is our non-biased former overlord in action.
Hooligan...signing off

Trying to convince a bunch of sportbike enthusiasts that you're rich, over the internet, must be fun for someone.
I looked for more posts by him, and basically, every post, he posted-up, "I'm so rich that..." Then he posted-up, "here's a picture of a house I'm buying." That's when things got interesting. Special agents stepped-in, and watch the fun.

I don't want to single him out as the only messagenet member 'somewhere' in Iraq (because he isn't), but it helps to know this at times.
He's a contractor. I think the military blocks the messagenet, unfortunately. I'm sure we have other stories from other members overseas that are just as good (I hate to single him out)...but military vs. contracting...
The Tao of Talon... about 54 posts in

I don't, for a second, want to portray he's anything less than a good guy. However, a reference to this thread, is definitely needed.

Tony the illest
Take a look at this guy's location in his profile. It's like he's Ali G, but not nearly as cool.
The entry....
I think this is why he thinks cars are the devil.
Classic discussion of Z06 vs. motorcycle
The departure...

This wasn't at Guppie's request. These topics got brought-up in another thread, making this important backstory material.
Originally Posted by Guppie
I was just going to thank you for not putting up any of my angry day threads. But NO somebody had to mention that Target situation and keying the car.

In my defense, that bitch parked four inches from my door and I did roll down my window and ask her to move. She didn't. I forgot what I carved in her door, but I remember getting all the way down to metal. It was a nice new truck too.

The jeep one is a good story, still just pisses me off though. That still gets mentioned within all my friends too. In all seriousness, Where do you get off not telling somebody your a virgin. Your in a FREAKING CAR and you know your going to bleed. It's been 14 years and it still just pisses me off like it happened yesterday. I wish I could find where she lived so I could shit on her couch.
Chronicles I
Crying baby #2 - Best Buy
Crying baby #1 - Target
I thought this was funny.
Golf girl I
Golf girl II
Note on guppie abbreviations
m = $1,000
mm = $1,000,000

Harry B
Your guess on him, how it works, etc, is as good as anyone else's. (I do need a bit of help getting the definitive Harry B threads down)
The introduction -
Slightly funny -
Mum's B&B question -
Crash hat -

Back in the ezboard days, if you cruised another 'ezboard' board, you could be tracked around to other places you posted. She tracked one of the board members from where he posted. Yes, she was/is real, and not some false persona made by someone with WAY too much time.
Justifiable Rape?
Ahh, the goodbye post.

Assyrian fella about a glass and a half tall. Does interesting things for shrinkage.
Do a search for threads started by 'r6dink' and 'deep' in the title. I'd post a link to the search, but that doesn't seem to be something vbulletin is capable of doing: pre-generated searches. Damn you vbulletin, damn you!
Club Awesome

Chronicles I
Chronicles II
Missing: There was one with high-performance oil that I couldn't find. Good stuff.

There's really no point, but basically what I understood is that he was... maybe weirdly adjusted in life from other posts. He goes on hiatus, and then he comes back and tell us to get bent. Weird stuff. Overall, he wasn't a bad guy, but it was like he snapped or something.
Miss Botox, round 1
Miss Botox, round deux!
The spiral begins.
Downward spiral I
Downward spiral II
Downward spiral III
Things get REALLY ugly.
Things still ugly...
The end. It's weird how a 'practical joke' ends in a guy permanently(?) leaving.
The return....
Currently, I believe he's on a permanent vacation from the board yet again. Long story short, some deleted board asset (critically acclaimed howtos) links, things were said, yadda yadda yadda... there's really not much more to it than that.

Well... I don't want to say this is about trix or not. But... there's a very definitive 'trix fight' thing that goes on. I'll let you be the judge of how this goes down.
Whoot, a 6-pager.
Yet another....
And finally an opened, and failed, fund raiser to have him banned.

Mango...or MangoR6, is like a board troll of sorts. I've been told he's an 'ok' guy, but, well...he has a tendancy to post-up stuff like this:
The end of mango...? (and trix crosses the line again)
Mango, the shart
(And the shart picture...)

I have a hard time finding the ONE thread that would pretty much sum-up everything I have to write. Even if I did, I certainly couldn't link it here. If there's anyone who could pull off being a heterosexual hair stylist driving a miata, and being a pimp while doing it, it's this guy. Basically umm.... well... whoo.... I really don't want to say too much about his adventures, but suffice to say, Hugh Hefner has nothing on he and his wife, Pam.
His personal site.
Go find these pictures for me.
He had one where he's in this weird karate-kid pose in his leathers, and that made for bar-none, one of the best photoshop competitions EVER. One of the pictures was found (created?) by bulldogr6, and attached. Much thanks!

This is another one of those where I really want to stay non-biased and leave the judgment to reading the posts, and keep your own judgments your own. However, I can't help but present the information in the way I found it. From my understanding he's a younger-ish guy (as are most of us).
Will a Movado get a girl...back?
What color of Lotus should I buy?
Screw that, I'm selling it and buying a maserati.
This clears-up some mystery on the income...

He's around, but not quite as much as he used to be. Known for some serious wiseassedness, and his frequent posts. Some fantastic memorable quotes from him:
First person to use the word "faghetti"
In response to, "what are you doing tonight?", "Same thing I do every night, put the gun in my mouth until the shaking stops...."
Some chestnuts of celoR6

As this crap comes up... I'll try to post more on it.

Members to catalogue: krakrazor, club lodac, clubwood, and that guy trying to mack on her from this board with the avatars.

Things to know:

*CephasGT and NOTKT are an engaged 'item'
*asphaltpilot and queenb are an engaged 'item'
*Shorty is married to Carms. (Carms being female, Shorty is male. There was some confusion, I think, because they both used 'Shorty' for a time.)
*Rachael (sp?) is on again, off again, with the head webmaster of the board: Ochlocracy
*HooliganR6 started this thing, but went on to work for a place that makes motorcycles with a show on the Discovery Channel.
*Mango is that way to everybody.
*'Tinning' refers to using special police powers, and that's all you need to know.
*We do rub on each other quite a bit here. Please don't take it personally, and don't make it personal.
*light3 is a robot until proven otherwise. Oh, and afraid of spiders.
*crazzybaby is engaged to "the wood"
*Cyberphilly -> Messagenet from the beginning of time to '00 (I think)
*ezboard -> Messagenet from '00 to May of '04
*PIITB -> put it in the butt.
*Cletus989 is a photoshop master. The members photoshop section in the quagmire....more classic stuff. Yes, I haven't linked it, because there may or may not be some fantastic chops of this historian in there. Great laughs.
*While your insights on Dubya, the Iraq war are probably new to you... they're not new to anyone who has been on the internet longer than 10 minutes. I'm not saying don't debate it, I am saying, don't waste your keystrokes bringing it up.
*If you post a link to a video/image/story, please include a descriptive title. Simply saying "here" or, "I found this funny" guarantees that we will see the same post 3-4 times from other members.

List of messagenet memes and pictures
We have quite a few emoticons, and some may require some explaining.

Bubb Rubb

Brings a post to the top.

Our buddy warmseth used to be the KING when it comes to calling out stuff that's already been posted. Generally we don't call it out as already posted unless you've posted, "HEY, I found this awesome video..." and it turns out it's some video that was posted years ago, and if you haven't seen it by now when you signed-in to AOL on your're in the dark. So they photoshopped his face...and the rest is history.

Our buddy asphaltpilot... he explains:
"I just wanted to see how painful it was. My bestfriend is a cop an was happy to waste a fully-charged cartridge on me. Kim cried, her friends laughed. It was um, interesting and it sucked, royally. Definitely not one of my brighter moments."

There was a long thread about what the maximum lean angle is. I can't quite find it, but I'm sure ken1_4u could tell you all about it. I believe it's in an econoline van.

Asphaltpilot explains: "That was after VIR, and Trav needed some lights when it got dark. He also earned a traffic citation if I remember correctly. That was one of the funniest posts ever."

"The eels video"
Good luck finding it yourself. Basically, to sum it up: Japanese porn is strange. They can't show genitalia, but they can show live eels being funneled into someone's rear oriface, then shot back out into someone's mouth (still live...) and eaten (still live). That's all you need to know, and there's some things that you cannot unsee; this is one of them.

Tubgirl or
Not-work-safe (NSFW) website of a girl crapping in her own mouth through projectile diarrhea. Basically our own image.

a reply to a post with: "Stunaz"
There's really nothing to get here. If I had a definition of it meaning something, I'll be sure to let you know.

Stunaz notes
Stunaz used to not read anything past maybe the first 20 words. So if we ever make a long-ass post that no one is going to want to read the whole story of...or if our point isn't clear, think of it as 'cliff notes'.

bojmir Spell it backwards, that's what it means.
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg LunaDance_Chopped.jpg (49.2 KB, 105 views)
File Type: jpg motivator5330720.jpg (86.4 KB, 95 views)

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gone to r 6 c e n t r a l . c o m
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IF, you can be bothered in one of the threads there was a link to his myspace or some such crap that had pictures of the pink cavalier.

You also missed the ?? 5 ?? year DL suspension thread, sorry but it was a good one that he forgot about as he piled the BS deeper. And Christ some of that even goes back to the sleazy board days
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There are a lot of memorable occurrances in the WC. Dirty Sanchez, I wonder how he's doing.

"Ask before you assume. Know before you judge. Think before you speak."
Riding a race bike is an art - a thing that you do because you feel something inside. - Valentino Rossi
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what ever happened to sonofwolf? I miss his tiger kittens
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Im undercover
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and dont forget scoob is king of this place.

Originally Posted by blondie
bitches get crazy scooby when they find out your a male model and that you pull mad tail at Sonic
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Skoob for president!

Really though, scooby's accident should be added as well. he came back from the brink.

don't forget lawyercuzitpays

How could you not list Firetire's escapades? Let's see, there's the dual-turbo mercades, girlfriend stuff, movado, etc.

I don't have time to look all this stuff up, but you're doing a bang-up job, Bip.

Throw that Bob Marley wannabe motherf**ker outta here - Maynard
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Man... I'll get on that here in a little bit.

What the hell did I start?

No, but seriously, we've had a couple new members hang out in the watercooler, and it's like everything isn't MEANT to be an inside joke, but there's a crapload of inside jokes going on.

I was trying to sum-up the story of 'cever' in case it ever came up.
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Harry B

" I love you , HARD! "

Now that's classic.
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Pas bon.
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Originally Posted by Utta
There are a lot of memorable occurrances in the WC. Dirty Sanchez, I wonder how he's doing.

I tried emailing him a while ago but got no response. I'll try again.

Great thread, Bip !!!
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