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Originally Posted by jdoggg1
i missed it, what happened?

It's locked-down, but if there was EVER a case for locking-down a thread, that was it.
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Looking at this thread makes me sad because there were so many great things that came from the R6MN and I don't see many more good times coming our way with all the members leaving.
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Can we take this thread, and all threads that are referenced, with us?
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Originally Posted by FarrOut View Post
Can we take this thread, and all threads that are referenced, with us?
All Bip needs to do is quote it and save it to Word. Hopefully he will. Alot of ppl are already backing shit up that way to take to our new home. Pretty soon all that will be left is bones. The how-to's are already being destroyed by their owners.
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Such as? I haven't seen this. And even if they do, they're idiots. I'm willing to wager that VS does nightly server backups, like any good IT firm would do.

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Personally... It's kind of a blemish if it's left-up and no one is here from it.



(what's a post of mine without an 'edit' somewhere in there?)

I'm having a REALLY hard time with writing a nice, neutral article on the topic of '1-22', because:
1.) I actually have feelings on the topic, and anything I write would come out like this:
*#***$& stupid *#&&@* pieces of *#*& I feel used on behalf of everyone here.
2.) There's lies, truth, lies about lies. There's no REAL story and I'm waiting for that to flesh-out. Right now, there's all kinds of rumors STILL, and I don't know quite who to believe. Some months ago, we thought cever lost his mind. Now we're kinda going, "hey, I see why he did that. It's still silly, but I understand."

I hope for the love of GOD that there's more transperency in whatever new board design goes on for ANYONE, because from the very get-go of the transition, it seemed like there was a cabal of semi-well-intentioned folks that took-over from the well-intentioned folks.... and it really shouldn't have happened.

Was it our fault for treating this like a 501 non-profit when it really wasn't? I don't know. Collectively, ALL of these forums, be they FJRs, r6s, harleys... owe it to themselves to bind together as one under a common banner of brotherhood and this shit doesn't happen again. It's not about the ads, the 'ownership'... it's about the board being 'owned' by someone that doesn't understand what it's REALLY all about, and I guess that happened LONG before the VS takeover.

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So you can edit here but not in the Ho-To section?
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The basic criteria I'm using is:

1_ Does it get referenced in conversation? If so...probably should go up.
2_ Was it pretty funny/interesting? If so...might go up.
3_ Does it further anything 'bad', drama-wise on the board? If so...probably shouldn't go up. I had a hard time with the trixfight posts, cever, and posting-up about guppie's past experiences... because I REALLY don't want to make people out to be dicks, but yet at the same point, it does get referenced, and it's probably best for the people to have the stories in front of them rather than hearing it 2nd hand...
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