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Vibrating rear seat, for the ladies (almost full how-to)

I've had this idea in mind for a while, inspired by the viberider and finally got around to doing it. Unfortunately, it's not entirely complete, but pretty damn close! I picked up a spare seat for this project in case I screwed anything up. I would suggest the same, only $20 on ebay for me. I worked on an 03 in case it makes any difference...

- seat, $20
- Radio Shack motor part#273-256 (9-18V DC high speed, 18krpm max, 1.98A max), $5
- copper wire, spool $5-10? @ radio shack
- a penny, $0.01
- 60cc syringe or substitute (got it at work)
- staple gun, $12 @ harbor freight
- marine vinyl (black, red), $6? @ JoAnn Fabrics or Michaels
- sewing machine, your mom/wife

yet to acquire:
- proper fuse
- 500-1000 ohm potentiometer (control motor speed)
- on/off switch

Step 1 - remove staples and pull off the cover

Step 2 - Solder the copper wire to the leads of the motor, break penny in half and attach to shaft using duct tape

Step 3 - cover counterweight with part of 60cc syringe (had to split it to fit over the motor), tape in place

Step 4 - Cut out just enough foam for a snug fit with the motor (I cut out too much, that's why I have extra chunks on one side)

Step 5 - put two holes through the foam/plastic to run the wires to the underside, I used a nail and a punch to widen it, drill would work too

Step 6 - test motor (already have the cover on, 9V battery from smoke detector)

Here's when you either call the woman, or try to experiment yourself. Disclaimer - I taught myself how to use a sewing machine for the purposes of this project only. I practiced by "tailoring" old shirts, heh.

Step 7 - Cut out appropriate length of vinyl, stitch together (I believe I used two of the the simple or straight stitch patterns, and then a zig-zag pattern as holds very well)

Step 8 - Make modifications as necessary, I had to restitch one part by pinching the red back and stitching that up to create the angle necessary for lateral junctions (bit of trial/error here)

***angle I used when pinching ^ there***

Step 9 - Staple it on! I put in two initial staples, both on either end along the center line (red/black), and then made my way around while pulling it taught (start with red, move down both sides toward the back). When done, trim excess vinyl.

Finished product! Note: my motor does stick out a bit as you can see in the pictures, but it's rather hard to notice and you cannot feel it when sitting unless the sucker is on, heh. Plastics off bike for easy winter mod access, have the 03 black/flames scheme

What I plan on doing is wiring up an on/off switch as well as a potentiometer to use as a speed controller for the motor. The lowest resistance pot at Radio Shack is 5K ohms, which is just too large of a range to actually control it with any degree of precision. Mounting point hasn't been established yet, i.e. whether or not I want to give the ladies control, but at the moment I'm thinking on the ram air covers close to the throttle or clutch. Oh ya, and don't forget a fuse as well, just in case. When I finish wiring then we'll move it to completed how-to. (or now if mods feel so inclined)
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Ha! Ha!
Carry some extra rags with u now.
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waiting for GP
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haha, Im nearly speech less
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That's great! I guess you could take her out for a long "ride", skip the foreplay, and just

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you should just mount a dildo to the seat. something along the lines of this except on a motorcycle

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niice dood
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Achapman > Jimbo > Stunaz
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That is funny. What if it causes you to wreck because of them getting so excited and being squirmy?

And that dildo bicycle, is that for real?

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Yeah seen one in Amsterdam! LOL

Very sick mod. LOL Now all we need is a video and a test subject!

Originally Posted by achapman
That is funny. What if it causes you to wreck because of them getting so excited and being squirmy?

And that dildo bicycle, is that for real?

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did u test it yet?
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This should DEFINETLEY be in the “How-To” section. Maybe even make it a sticky!! (no pun intended)

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Originally Posted by cristianr6
My question is would it be safe to ride without that screw/bolt on the front wheel

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